Anyone who has ever been in the military or worked for a military branch knows what the challenge coin is. It is an American military tradition that symbolizes unit pride, hard work, excellence, and esprit de corps.

The Warrant Realty Coin doesn't have a hundred years of tradition, no monetary value, or military connection. What the Warrant Realty Coin has is Heart, Compassion, Loyalty, Love, and Value.

Each year Warrant Realty chooses a cause important to the ownership partners and designs the coin around that cause. Warrant Realty has had Pink coins in support of Breast Cancer Awareness, Red coins in Support of American Heart Association, and its present coins of Orange (Multiple Sclerosis) and Purple (Alzheimer's Association).

With each closing of a home bought, sold or client referral, Warrant Realty presents its clients a coin. Each coin presentation is also a monetary donation towards the cause for the year.

The goal of the donation is to give more than you take. To make an impact on the lives of others by doing what we love to do. There is so much joy and comfort in being willing and able to give.