Richard Barbee, Broker

"Hello, this is Richard". If you've ever called me, then you're used to this greeting and have a fairly good idea of who I am. I am Richard Barbee, a real estate professional and Principle Broker of Warrant Realty Inc. Along with my business partner Michael Steverson, I am the owner of a company that plans to be the best real estate brokerage in Virginia. I am very confident that we will achieve our goals because of very strong beliefs. Honesty, Respect, Professional, & Personal Integrity I grew up in Springfield, Massachusetts in a great family full of love and support. Education, hard work, and good values were stressed by my family. I was taught to respect and treat others as you wanted to be treated. After graduating high school in 1983, I enlisted in the United States Coast Guard. Although I had no idea of what the military had to offer, I was sure that I would be successful. I retired from the Coast Guard in 2013 after completing 30 years of honorable service to my country. My career in real estate began somewhat accidentally in 2006. I was trying to educate myself about real estate, bank mortgages, and financial planning. After enrolling and passing my real estate course, I was hooked! Not only did I learn the principles of real estate, I learned that I could make a difference. I enjoy working for my military families, investors, friends, referrals, and family. Everyone who I work for hears on thing first: I like building relationships. I believe that a good relationship between the agent and the client ensures a successful real estate outcome. My clients mean everything to me and I want them to know that I care and I will work hard for them.

Office Phone Number: 757-420-8500

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