Real Estate Agent/Military Veteran

Joseph Roberts

Joseph Roberts, Real Estate Agent/Military Veteran

My name is Mr. Joseph Roberts and I have resided in Virginia since September 2015. I was stationed in Virginia once before in the United States Army from Jan 96 to Dec 99. I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. I attended Webster University where I received a Master Degree in Business Administration and Security Management with emphasis in Information Technology Security. I came back to Virginia, specifically Hampton Roads because I fell in love with the beaches here and it is where I find peace. My personal motto is Love….Peace…. Happiness (LPH). I currently work as a Cyber Security Manager for the Department of Defense. For leisure time, I like to do whatever come to mind such as, playing pool, bike riding, lifting weights and exercising, fishing, bowling, beigning Netflix/Amazon Prime, watching baseball, going to the shooting range, hiking, exploring and traveling the world. I get extremely bored with normalcy. I became a Real Estate agent because I remember my daunting experience completing an excessive amount of paperwork when I had purchased my first house in Missouri. I was so overwhelmed and it seems that I had signed my life away without completely understanding all the paperwork that I had to signed. Therefore, since I am a veteran and my love for veterans specifically, I want to make sure that I serve every customer with complete loyalty and honestly in renting, selling or buying that starter or dream home.

Office Phone Number: 757-420-8500

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